Strategies For Saving Money On Propane Delivery For Heat

Posted on: 30 April 2021

Rural homes with furnaces most commonly use propane for heating fuel. People who move to these homes must decide on a propane delivery contractor and the type of customer service that suits them best financially. Providers usually offer at least two options for varying levels of discounted prices. One is paying for the entire season's heat upfront. The other is signing a contract for regular delivery on the company's schedule.

Seasonal Upfront Payment

Usually, the largest discount is offered to customers who sign a contract and purchase the propane they expect to need for the entire season. A driver tops off the tank whenever they are nearby as part of the day's route. 

New homeowners must estimate how many gallons will probably be required. They can learn how much fuel the previous owners used the winter before or on average. They might ask neighbors or other rural residents they know in the region with houses of comparable size. The one issue with this contract is the requirement to pay a hefty amount at one time. Not everyone can do that.

Keep-Fill Arrangements

The other contract is a keep-fill arrangement. A driver tops off the tank when in the area. The invoice includes a discounted total that is valid for a certain number of days. If the customer delays beyond that time, the full price must be paid. The cost per gallon typically rises during the winter, but the customer still saves some money.

Ordering as Needed

The most expensive option is to call for service as needed and pay the full price per gallon. Homeowners generally only do this when they are struggling financially and aren't sure they can always pay for delivery on the company's schedule. Some suppliers do not offer this choice and only provide service on a contract basis. Those who do deliver on-call typically require customers to buy a minimum number of gallons to make it worthwhile for the company.

To get the best price this way, the first step is to have the tank completely filled during the summer. Prices are lowest then because of the reduced demand during warm weather.

Next, throughout the heating season, monitoring propane pricing online can help customers avoid buying when the cost is highest. Keeping up with news about the fuel's availability also is advisable. If an impending shortage is predicted, it's best to call for delivery promptly before peak demand occurs and prices spike. Reach out to a propane delivery service to see what options they offer.