Signs You Need Furnace Service

Posted on: 24 February 2021

Problems with your furnace are more than a hassle since you don't want to be left in the cold during the winter. Proper troubleshooting is necessary so the issues can be fixed.

There Are Issues With Heating Every Room Evenly

Your furnace should provide even heating to every room. If some rooms seem colder than others, then there may be issues with the blower or with the duct system. Blower problems are especially likely if the rooms furthest from the furnace seem to be the coldest, but your repair tech will also need to make sure there aren't other issues in the system causing the problem.

For example, sometimes the furnace is working fine but there is a blocked vent in the affected rooms. There may even be a blockage in the ductwork or damage such as a loose duct or a hole in the ductwork. A full inspection may be necessary to root out the cause of the problem.

The Furnace Seems to Be Constantly Running

Furnaces run in cycles, and there should be a relatively lengthy pause between each cycle. A furnace that turns off only to turn on a few minutes later is not functioning properly. Sometimes the reason is that the furnace is the wrong size for the home. An overly small furnace, for example, won't be able to produce enough heat for the square footage of the home, so it will be constantly popping on. In this case, replacement may be better than repair.

Constant running, particularly if the home is heating properly, can also indicate issues with the thermostat or sensors. In an electric furnace, electrical problems or failed heating elements could be the culprit. Poor fuel ignition, lack of air flow, or problems in the burner could be the problem if you have a gas or oil furnace. Your service tech will need to perform a full inspection to determine which part is failing so they can repair or replace it.

The Cost of Operation Is Well Above the Rated Amount

Most newer furnaces are rated with how much energy they should use on average, along with average electricity costs. While this is a variable number since electric rates differ by region, it should provide a good guide. If your furnace is using a lot more energy than the rating suggests, there is an issue somewhere in the system.

Often the problem is with filtration and airflow. Your furnace tech may need to adjust your air filter, clean out the furnace thoroughly, or perform a duct cleaning. For gas and oil furnaces, issues may be with the ventilation and intake system. Another common issue that affects energy costs is a poorly maintained unit. Scheduling a tune-up and lubrication may be all you need to do.

Contact a furnace repair service if you are having issues with your furnace.