4 Signs That You Could Be Having A Faulty Air Conditioning System

Posted on: 23 February 2021

Spending a hot afternoon in a home with a faulty air conditioner is not something you would look forward to. The extreme heat disrupts your comfort and makes it hard to relax in the house. Air conditioners are designed to last for up to two decades if they are well maintained. Either way, they sometimes break down unexpectedly, thus requiring emergency repair.

Before a faulty AC ruins your summer comfort, there are warning signs that the system might exhibit. When picked early, they can help avoid incurring the cost of emergency repairs. If you want to be on the lookout, here are four warning signs you must never ignore.

1. Does Your AC Make Strange Noises?

Usually, your air conditioner is quiet when it is in perfect working condition. When you start hearing some strange sounds from the system, you could be having mechanical problems with the AC. Sometimes you may also smell some odor when moisture has dried on the filters. When this happens, contact an air conditioner contractor to service the system.

2. Are You Getting High Utility Bills?

If your AC is faulty, its efficiency is affected. This means it will have to work a bit harder to cool your house. When you notice a rise in your utility bills, contact an HVAC contractor to inspect the system and fix the issue. This will help save you future costs of repairs.

3. Has the Airflow Reduced?

By simply putting your hands near the vent, you can tell if your air conditioner has reduced airflow. There could be many reasons that cause this, and one of them is clogged filters. There will be no proper airflow if you have a dirty filter. A leaky duct can also affect the airflow as it lets the air escape. Fortunately, an HVAC contractor will be able to identify and fix this once they inspect your system.

4. Do You Notice Moisture Around Your Systems?

Having moisture around your air conditioner may seem like a minor issue. However, if ignored, it could lead to significant problems, such as mold growth. Sometimes this is caused by a leak in your refrigerant. The moisture could also mean that the drain tubes are blocked, and so the system does not channel the condensation away. This is often easy to fix when you have a qualified AC repair contractor.

If you have noticed any of these signs in your home, it is not too late to call in air conditioner experts for repairs. Don't let the problems escalate because you ignored these warning signs. The professionals can also develop a maintenance plan for your system to prevent AC problems. Reach out to an air conditioning professional in your area.