Draw More Business To Your Bar This Summer With These 3 Upgrades

Posted on: 21 April 2017

Summer can be one of the best times of year for your bars business, but it does require that you take advantage of the warm weather and have your place in order. Just sitting back and hoping that the people pour in once the summer heats up. You need to be proactive and make sure that you have set up your bar so that people in the neighborhood know that it's a cool and fun place to go on a summer night.

Bring In Summer Promotions From Beer and Liquor Suppliers

This is a great time of year to take advantage of the promos that liquor and beer companies have. They will often send out marketing reps who organize parties, and offer free t-shirts, and other things that will help encourage people to come into the bar. You can promote these parties on your Twitter and Instagram accounts and help get the word out.

Fix Up Your Outdoor Space

Of course it's a great idea to have a party, but it's even better to have that party using an outdoor space. If your bar does have outdoor space, be it a backyard patio, or an open sidewalk cafe, then you should make sure it looks nice. The backyard should have outdoor lighting. This could be anything from string lights, to Chinese lanterns. The front cafe should also be fixed up. If it's been sitting empty all winter, then make sure to bring in some large planters and plant some flowers. You should also have a few outdoor lights so that the place is not too dark for your customers. One trick many outdoor bars use with their outdoor cafes is to place large wine casks at the corners of the cafe boundaries. You can then run the temporary fencing between the large oak barrels.

Make The Inside Super Cool

Of course, it's super important to make sure the inside if cool, as in air conditioned cool. If you're bar has only been running on an old exhaust fan, or some rinky dink window air conditioners, then you need to get that corrected as soon as possible. You don't want to deal with patrons sweating and complaining about the heat and leaving the bar. So, the solution is to bring in an HVAC contractor and have them install a commercial grade air conditioner. The benefit to getting one of these big units is that they will chill down the whole bar. This way, when you do get packed during one of those hot summer night parties, the patrons won't get super hot and get a bad vibe from the place.

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