Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Making Rattling Noises

Posted on: 31 October 2022

Many AC units have sound-dampening features that facilitate non-disruptive operation. However, if the system malfunctions, you may hear rattling noises. The malfunction will likely escalate if you overlook these noises, resulting in a premature system failure. Thus, it is important to hire an AC repair contractor for a diagnostic callout. They will inspect your system, identify the cause of the noises and remedy the underlying issue for peak functionality. Read on for some reasons why your unit is rattling.

Debris In the Outdoor Unit

The condenser unit is subject to debris infiltration due to its outdoor placement. With time, plant matter, sticks, and other foreign objects can enter the cabinet if the area around the unit is not clear. As a result, vibrations in the outdoor unit may knock the debris over, causing rattling sounds. If you disregard these noises, the debris may inhibit heat release, causing the unit to strain and overheat. 

This may result in the AC short cycling, increasing the rate of wear and tear on the components. Therefore, you need to contact an AC technician to clear the debris and, in so doing, help prevent secondary damage. Moreover, the contractor will ensure that the condenser has adequate clearance and mount a cover to prevent various elements from penetrating the system.

Detached Panels

Over time, the screws holding the panels in position may become loose. This may dislodge the panels, causing them to rattle during the system's operation. Another possible way this could come about is if you open the panels and fail to screw them correctly. Accordingly, engage an AC specialist to fasten new screws properly and for any inspections and repairs needed.

Faulty Motor

The motor powers the blower to spin for proper heat expulsion in the condenser. However, this component may malfunction if an electrical failure blows its capacitor. In addition, foreign items entering the unit can damage the motor, rendering it ineffective. As a result, the faulty or damaged motor will make rattling noises as it strains to function. Therefore, you should engage an AC contractor to replace the motor and the capacitor as needed. Moreover, they will lubricate the bearings to prevent overheating.

Misaligned Fan Blades

When outdoor elements such as stones or sticks get into the condenser, they may impact the fan blades. This can bend or dislodge the blades, causing them to hit the casing as they rotate. Subsequently, the unit will make rattling noises whenever the fan is spinning. Thus, it is advisable that you contact a repair expert to fix the fan blades and optimize the blower's operation.

A well-maintained AC unit operates relatively quietly, indicating smooth operation. To facilitate this, you should book regular appointments with an AC system repair technician to service your system for efficient performance. For more information on AC systems repair, contact a professional near you.