4 Things To Know About Mini Split Air Conditioners

Posted on: 25 July 2022

Are you looking to cool down a room in your home and want to do it with a mini split air conditioner? You'll want to know the following things about them before you make a decision.

Mini Split Air Conditioners Do Not Block Your View 

Many people are used to using a window air conditioner as a quick and easy way to add air conditioning to any room. However, a window air conditioner is going to block the view out of your window. This is not the case when you have a mini split air conditioner. The unit is high up in the room and out of the way, so you'll get the view back that was once blocked by a huge appliance. 

Mini Split Air Conditioners Are Quiet

You may not realize that a mini split air conditioner does not have a condenser built into the unit. Instead, it is a separate unit that is installed outside your home. This means that the compressor is not located in the room that you are cooling, which allows the mini split system to only run a fan to push cold air into your house. This allows the mini split system to be very quiet in comparison to a window unit, which you'll appreciate over time as a long-term solution. 

Mini Split Air Conditioners Require Modifying Your Home

While a mini split air conditioner does have some big advantages over a window unit, you need to understand that you will be permanently modifying your home in order to install one. This does not make it feasible if you live in a rental home or simply are not sure if you are going to use the mini split system as a permanent solution. For example, you may still be considering a modification to your central air conditioner in the future. 

Mini Split Air Conditioners Allow For Zones

You don't have to cool down your entire home when you have a mini split air conditioner. This is because each mini split unit is its own zone. You can cool down one room while not cooling down others, which saves energy over time. Even if you connect multiple mini split units to the main compressor, you still have the choice of how many rooms you are cooling. 

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