4 Major Residential AC Repairs That Cannot Be Ignored

Posted on: 26 January 2022

As summer approaches, AC repair is probably one of the most urgent needs for homeowners. Not only does your AC unit stop you from suffering unbearable heat when you are at home but timely AC repair also prevents your AC unit from permanent damage. Here are five major AC repairs that should be done in time to avoid more costly damages later on.

Compressor Failure

The compressor is responsible for powering the coils that emit cool air inside of your home. If there's a problem with it, you will be able to hear noise from your unit, but the airstream will not come out. This repair can vary in cost depending on whether or not it needs new parts and how much time the professional has to spend working on it.

Refrigerant Leak

When there is a leak in the line for refrigerant, you probably smell something funny coming from your unit. In addition to smelling weird, this problem also means that the coils aren't going to work properly if they're not sealed off from outside.  The refrigerant itself doesn't pose any health risks, but it will definitely impact your cooling and increase the amount of time that you need to use your compressor. The cost of this repair depends on how much refrigerant has leaked and how long the contractor needs to work on it.

Condenser Issues

The condenser is responsible for collecting heat from the inside of your home. A problem with it can cause a buildup of dust and dirt around the unit, which makes it work harder to get rid of excess heat. If you suspect this is happening, avoid using the AC until you have a professional come out and look at the issue so that they can repair it before your energy bill gets too high from overworking the system.

Coil Repair

This refers to the inside component of your AC that holds refrigerant as it passes through tubing and travels around your home. It's important not to ignore a problem with this part since doing so can cause further problems with other components in your unit going forward. Some technicians recommend repairing coils rather than replacing them because replacement adds more stress on other parts of the unit.

There are many possible AC repairs that might need to be made in your home, but these four are some of the most common. Whether you want to repair or replace any part of your air conditioning system depends on which is more cost-effective based on the equipment involved and what you're looking for in terms of upgrades.