Furnace Repair: 3 Warning Signs That You Should Not Ignore

Posted on: 30 November 2021

A furnace is among the things that homeowners cherish the most. It helps keep your living space warm when temperatures drop and prevents seasonal problems like pipe bursts and freezing. Even so, this appliance can sustain damages and can malfunction just like any other appliance. You may not know your furnace has a problem, especially if you use your furnaces during the cold season. That said, you need to call in a furnace repair expert when you notice any of the signs below.

1. Weird Smell

There's no doubt that furnaces tend to emit an odor when switched on after a long time. In most cases, the smell is associated with the fuel the furnace uses. Generally, this is nothing to worry about since it doesn't take long before the odor dissipates.

However, you should contact a furnace repair professional if the smell persists. The same goes if the unit suddenly starts emitting an odor, which could signify that gas is leaking. As you can see, failure to take immediate action can lead to disaster.

2. Starting Difficulties

Does your furnace require several start attempts for it to work? If yes, you need to have it examined by a furnace repair technician before it fails. You also have reason to worry if you have to restart it regularly to keep it running.

From faulty thermostats to disconnected wiring, many reasons are known to cause such issues. Having the affected component replaced will ensure that your furnace runs smoothly.

3. Change in Pilot Light Color

If there's nothing wrong with your furnace, its pilot light is supposed to maintain a blue color. A color change highly suggests that there's an underlying issue, such as poor ventilation. This is a problem that you can't afford to ignore lest you expose your loved ones to hazards like carbon monoxide.

As you are perhaps aware, carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can lead to loss of life. The fact that it is odorless and colorless makes it hard to detect, but checking the pilot's light color will ensure that it doesn't go undetected. Switching off the furnace is the first thing you need to do if the pilot light color changes. You should then have a furnace repair expert examine it to identify and fix the problem.

Your furnace is an investment that should offer years of service. For that reason, you should always contact a furnace repair contractor if you notice any of these warning signs.