Indications You Need Air Conditioning Repair Services

Posted on: 26 July 2021

When buying an air conditioning unit, you always settle for the best in the market. One that offers the best features and promises to serve you the longest. However, even the best HVAC units still break down after time and can be candidates for repair anytime. You need to keep an eye on your unit to detect any slight changes in its operation for a timely and effective repair.

It's good to understand how to take care of your HVAC unit, and that starts by learning how to detect when it needs repairs. Here are some of the common indications your air conditioning unit needs repair.

When Your Unit Starts Responding Slowly

When new, your unit always corresponds almost immediately (after a few seconds) when you make a change in temperature in your thermostat. This correspondence time should remain almost the same throughout the period you're using your HVAC unit. However, if you notice any drag or slow response anytime you change the temperature of your thermostat, you need to act.

The slow responses indicate a problem that you need to solve before your HVAC unit starts working normally again. You could either be dealing with a faulty AC thermostat sensor or a faulty HVAC unit in general when you notice slower response anytime you change the thermostat's temperature. 

When You Start Getting Inadequate Airflow

When the amount of fresh air flowing into your rooms from the air conditioning unit drops, then it's time to check your HVAC unit for mechanical problems. Mostly, it's because your unit isn't working efficiently or something is blocking the ductwork to prevent easy airflow.

This is usually a call for alarm as the cause for such problems could be a broken motor, an air filter that's clogged, or something even worse. In worst-case scenarios, inadequate airflow may become a common occurrence that may prompt you to buy an energy recovery ventilator to boost your air unit's circulation.

When Strange Noises Become a Norm

The only sound you should expect to hear from your HVAC unit is a whirring sound emanating from the operating condenser fan. Anything different from that is a cause for alarm and should be attended to as soon as possible. 

Some of the noise you hear coming from your AC unit could indicate there are loose components that need to be fixed. You'll also hear clunking noises when there's something stuck in your condenser. There are various sounds you're likely to hear that aren't normal. You should call an AC repair professional to help fix the problem for you.