Why Annual Servicing Is Important And When It Needs To Be Done

Posted on: 6 July 2020

You need to make sure you have your AC system serviced each year, and it should preferably be right before you are going to need to run it for that very first time of the season. Learn here why annual servicing is important and why the period right before using it is the best time for the servicing to take place.

Why annual inspections are so important

One of the reasons it is so important for you to have your air conditioner serviced annually is that you may put a lot of wear on it during the summer, and then it sits unused for the rest of the year. You want to make sure that everything is still running how it is supposed to and that nothing transpired during the entire rest of the year that can put your system in jeopardy. 

For example, when you were using your air conditioner, it may have started to have an issue right before you turned it off for the rest of the year and you didn't have time to notice the issue. However, while sitting for the rest of the year, the problem may have become worse. Even if it didn't worsen, the air conditioning may have issues when you go to use it again, and if this is during a heatwave, you can find yourself paying for emergency repairs. One example of this type of damage that may get worse while it sits would be an old belt. The cold air the rest of the year can weaken the belt further. 

Why it's important to inspect the system before use

There are some things that can be going on in your system that should be found out before it starts running. Just one example of something that can happen can be that a twig entered the housing unit outside and is stuck in the fan. Turning on the unit can cause some damage, so you would want the system to be inspected, which would allow the technician to spot the twig and remove it before the system is in use. This would prevent that damage and the need for a repair. 


A lot of things can be determined with an annual servicing. The technician will also be there to answer any questions that you have. They can give you advice that will help you to get the most out of your air conditioning for the least amount of money.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers AC services.