How Effective Are Ductless Heat Pumps?

Posted on: 2 February 2018

There are a few ways to heat any interior space. If your home doesn't have central heat, or if you have central air but still need a little more heat in some rooms, ductless heat pumps can be a perfect heating solution. This article explains ductless heat pumps, how they work, and where they work best.

A Convenient Heating Solution

The best reason to use a ductless heat pump is the convenience. They are very easy to install in any room. They just need to be plugged in and attached to the studs in the wall. Most heat pumps have a wall mounting bracket and low profile so they should be out of the way and less noticeable. However, there are also portable pumps that can be convenient if you need a little more flexibility with heating different parts of a room.

Electricity Consumption

The great thing about ductless pumps that they only need electricity run. However, if you are powering them on for a long time, all this electricity usage can add up. They definitely aren't the most energy efficient systems if you are trying to meet heat multiple large rooms. Heat pumps really work well in small spaces, but they aren't great if you need to heat your entire home.

Dealing With the Look of Heat Pumps

Another drawback to heat pumps is that they aren't very stylish. You basically have two choices. You can install a wall mounted heat pump that will be relatively out of the way, but will still be a permanent part of your home style. Or, you can buy a portable heat pump that you only pull out when you are actually using it. Then, you can store it in a closet or garage when you don't need it. It really depends on how often you need to use your heat pump, and which will be more convenient for your usage.

In conclusion, ductless heat pumps are convenient, but they shouldn't be relied on to heat your entire home, especially if it has multiple stories and multiple rooms. Remember, they only work in the room that they are in, so you would need several to heat your entire home. However, many rooms don't heat evenly, and certain rooms in the house are going to need a little more heat. Even if you have central heat, ductless heat pump can be extremely useful. They can allow you to turn down your thermostat and maintain more even temperatures throughout your house.