2 Tips For Finding The Ideal Location For Your New Central Air Conditioning Unit

Posted on: 8 November 2017

If you are having a central HVAC system installed in your home, you may wonder how to go about selecting a spot outside for the air conditioning unit. If so, use the following tips for finding the ideal location for your new central air conditioning unit.

Pick an Area About Foot or Two Away from Your Home

The first thing you should consider when selecting a spot for your new AC unit is its distance from your home. Because the unit will depend on adequate airflow while operating, you want to make sure you have the unit placed a foot or two away from your home so that air can circulate around it.

If you place the unit too close to your home, the vents on the side facing your house will not be able to suck in enough air to cool the condenser. This could result in overheating.

As you walk around your home, try to choose a couple of potential spots where you could allow for enough space between the AC unit and your house. Then, match the spaces with next tip to continue with your selection process.

Find the Flattest Possible Ground

Once you have a couple of potential spots picked out, the next thing you should consider when deciding where to place your air conditioning unit is the levelness of the ground. While the unit will rest on a concrete slab, making sure that the ground is as flat as possible can help with the construction and pouring of the cement.

If you start with an uneven surface, there is a greater possibility that the unit will not be level. Or the slab could shift over time if the ground softens. If the AC unit is not level, the oil may not reach all of the components of the motor. Without proper, consistent lubrication, the motor could burn up more quickly.

While you do not need to get out a level to determine the evenness of the ground, you should try to determine with your eyes the better of the two potential spots you picked out. Then, you can discuss the possible area with the HVAC contractor before installation so they can make the final determination.

Using the above tips can help you scope out a location for your new air conditioning unit. However, if you are having difficulty selecting a spot and need further guidance, discuss your concerns with the HVAC contractor who will be performing your air conditioning installation.