Why Your Central Heating System Is Inefficient

Posted on: 25 April 2017

Heat is something that many people need in order to feel comfortable while they are at home. A poorly functioning central heating system can make it difficult to obtain a temperature that is satisfactory. If you are not receiving the extent of heat that you desire in your house, there might be several areas of the system that need to be inspected and possibly repaired. However, one of the main parts of a heating system that commonly leads to heating problems is the furnace. Below, discover a few things that you might want to know about your central heating system.

Why the Furnace is So Important

The furnace is important because it is the most vital part of your central heating system when it comes to the ability to warm your house up. Basically, the furnace is where the heat is produced, but it can only happen if the pilot is lit. When problems arise with the pilot, it means that something might be wrong with the burner, as it is the part that gives the pilot a flame. However, your furnace might also have a damaged line that is not sending oil or propane to the burner, depending on your model of furnace. When your furnace has been inspected, you might be told that you simply need to replace the furnace, such as if it is excessively worn out.

Parts of the System That Might Interfere with Efficiency

There a few parts other than the furnace that can cause the heating system to function in an inefficient manner. For instance, no matter how well your furnace functions, your house might not receive a satisfactory amount of heat if the air duct system is in bad shape. The ducts can get dirty and interfere with the amount of warm air that comes out of the vents. It is also possible for air to seep out of the ducts through cracks or loose fittings. The air handler can also cause inefficient heating, such as if the lower fan is damaged.

How to Keep a Heating System Efficient

The best way to keep your central heating system efficient is to get it inspected every now and then to make sure repairs are not necessary. Making prompt repairs to problematic parts will also keep the system durable. It is a good idea to get the system professionally cleaned sometimes as well. A clean system will be able to produce more warm air than one that has accumulated a large amount of dirt.

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