Keeping Your Propane Furnace Maintained for Optimal Performance

Posted on: 24 April 2017

If you use a propane fueled furnace to heat your home during the cooler times of the year, you most likely want it to work to the best of its ability so you are not stuck with high propane refill bills due to poor efficiency levels. There are several steps you can take to keep your furnace running in tip-top shape to help you save on propane costs. Here's some additional info you can use to maximize the efficiency your furnace with simple maintenance tasks.

Clean Out the Furnace During the Off Season

It is a good idea to do a cleaning of the combustion chamber of your furnace after it done supplying heat during the cold portion of the year. First, the unit must be unplugged or the circuit breaker to the unit should be shut off. When there is no risk of the furnace turning on, the door to the igniting area can be opened.

The interior of this area can be cleaned by scraping any ash or soot from the ceiling and walls of the area with a wire brush. Afterward, a shop vacuum cleaner attachment with a soft-bristle brush attached can be used to remove any debris from the space.

Call a Heating Service for Yearly Evaluations

One way to ensure your propane furnace is working up to par is to call a professional to do an assessment of the unit each year. Many services will provide discounted rates for those who enroll in a maintenance contract. This will allow the user to get necessary parts to make any repairs needed at a discounted rate, possibly saving them a bundle of money should something break within the furnace. Purchasing a contract, or having yearly visits by a heating service, will give you the piece of mind that your furnace is working up to its potential at all times.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

It is important to take the time to swap out the air filter in the furnace every month or two. This will aid in providing air flow without restriction through the heater and to the home. The filter will trap debris so it is not distributed in the home along with the heated air. When an air filter becomes full of debris, the furnace will need to work a bit harder to distribute heat in the home.

Placing a fresh, clean filter in its place will maximize the efficiency of the heater. It is also best to stick with fiberglass filters as those with smaller airflow passages will make it harder for your furnace to draw in air, reducing the efficiency level as well.