Ready For Summer: Get Your Air Conditioner Prepared For The Work Ahead

Posted on: 19 April 2017

With the hot summer months approaching, it's time to start thinking about your home air conditioning system. If you have already started your yard cleanup, you probably spent some time removing the sticks and leaves that have built up around your outdoor unit. While this is a good first step, you'll need to call a local heating and cooling company to come and service your system so that it's ready to start cooling off your home when the weather gets hot. Your system may turn on today and give you some cool air, but without proper maintenance, it is more likely to break down when it begins working too hard.

Clean Up Around Your Unit

Part of your yard spring cleaning should include cleaning up around your air conditioning unit. When your unit is running, any debris that is up against the machine will prevent air flow. This makes your machine work harder than it has to in order to cool off your home. An HVAC technician will appreciate that you took the time to clear away the yard debris before they arrived.

Watch the Air Filters Being Changed

If you don't know how to change the air filters on your air conditioning system, ask the technician to show you. During periods of heavy use, you can keep your system running efficiently by making sure the air filters are changed every month. It's easy enough to do once you learn where they are located and how to change them.

Call Early for an Appointment

Your HVAC company will want to get to your home as quickly as possible, but schedules can fill up quickly when the weather gets hot. Call in the spring to have your air conditioning get yearly maintenance, and you will be ready for all of your cooling needs before the season begins.

As you get ready for summer, pay attention to the rooms you may not be using in the summer. If you don't need to cool certain rooms and you are going to shut the room door, make sure there aren't any sensors in the room. You don't want your system working hard to cool off a room that you aren't using. On cool nights, give your system a break and open your windows. If you notice your system isn't running well, call for a repair right away so that you can avoid an emergency HVAC repair.